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We also have information about some of our other interests, such as, Archaeology, Astronomy, Gardening, our Religious Faith, and of the DeLange Family History.

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Eve & George DeLange At Machu Picchu, Peru. Egypt, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Mexico, United States, Alaska, Arizona, Israel, Europe, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Monoco, 
 United Kingdom, England, Scotland, Archaeology, Astronomy, & Delange Family History. Travels & Tours,  Pictures, Photos, Images, Information, Descriptions, & Reviews.
Eve & George DeLange At Machu Picchu, Peru. March 18, 2011. About 11:11 AM.

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When we first started this page in 1997, we started this page as a way to keep our family members informed and in touch with each other. We were amazed to get about 60 visits a month.

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No, we are not a tour company, but just a couple of 70+ Year Olds who enjoy traveling and sharing our adventures with others.

We do have links to Tour Companies, who we have verified, to be good to use, upon our pages, to help people to set up their own tours, that will be exciting, safe, and friendly.

We also have a very large webpage about Native Plants and Gardening in the Southwestern United States, especially in Arizona. This includes a large webpage concerning the the growing of Xeriscape Plants in your landscaping in the Southwest, so that you can help to conserve water; which is very precious in the Southwestern United States,

Our Xeriscape Plants Web Page includes the Xeriscape Plants recommended by the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association (AMWUA); which is a voluntary, non-profit corporation established by the municipalities in Maricopa County for the development of urban water resources policy.

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