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Phoenix Zoo. Phoenix, Arizona.

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Google Map To Phoenix Zoo. Phoenix, Arizona.

Phoenix Zoo.
Phoenix, Arizona.

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The Phoenix Zoo has over 1,400 animals on display and it contains 2.5 miles of walking trails.

The Phoenix Zoo is divided into four main themed areas or trails: The Arizona Trail (American Southwest flora and fauna), the Africa Trail (animals from Africa), the Tropics Trail (residents of the rain forests), and the Children's Trail, which includes a petting zoo

The Arizona Trail::

The Arizona Trail is designed to emulate the wildlife and plant life of the state of Arizona. It features several plants native to the Sonoran Desert including the saguaro cactus, and animals such as the coyote, collared peccary (more commonly known as the javelina), cougar, bobcat, raven, turkey vulture, coati, thick billed parrot, Sonoran pronghorn, and the Mexican wolf.

The Africa Trail::

The Africa Trail showcases many of the most popular animals in the world, including the African painted dogs, hamadryas baboon, mandrill, ostrich, Mhorr's gazelle, white rhino, Grévy's zebras, lions, cheetahs, and Masai giraffes. The Desert Lives (pronounced like "life") trail, diverts off of the Africa Trail before and after the lion and hyaena exhibits, and features bighorn sheep and Arabian oryx among the natural buttes.

The Tropics Trail::

The Tropics Trail has two parts. The inner trail following the lake is home to the "Tropical Flights" aviary as well as the ring-tailed lemurs, Bornean orangutans, and common squirrel monkeys of "Monkey Village". The outer tropics trail passes by the Komodo dragons in the "Land of the Dragons" exhibit,[12][13] Asian elephants, jaguar, Galápagos tortoises, Aldabra giant tortoises, iguanas, anteaters, Sumatran tigers of the "Isle of the Tiger" exhibit, and an assortment of tropical birds. It includes the Forest of Uco, a lush rainforest landscape that surrounds visitors along a 1-mile walking trail and includes reproductions of a South American mercado and a scientific expedition and ruins, and highlights several tropical animals including the Andean bear.

The Children's Trail::

The Children's Trail lets children get close to many small mammals from around the world, including emus, an ocelot, a caracal, siamang gibbons, and golden-mantled tamarins.

Next to the Wallaby Walkabout is a rectangular display called "Feel the Difference", with three vertebrate charts (reptile, fish, and amphibian), and an invertebrate chart created by Frank Schaffer Publications. Continuing on the trail will take you through Harmony Farm, featuring many farm animals, a petting zoo, and demonstrations on farming and agriculture oriented toward children.

The Hunt Bass Hatchery House or ("Ruby's House")::

The Hunt Bass Hatchery Caretaker's House was built in 1936 and is located in the Phoenix Zoo grounds. Following the Great Depression, Governor George W. P. Hunt (Arizona's first elected governor) commissioned a bass fish hatchery to be established in Papago Park during 1932. The hatchery was built as a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project. The hatchery, operated by the Arizona Game and Fish Department, was a success, and was in operation until 1959 (as it was considered obsolete by this time); around this time, the state of Arizona ceded the majority of Papago Park to the City of Phoenix. The City of Phoenix leased the hatchery grounds, including its man-made lakes, to the Arizona Zoological Society in 1962 to establish the Zoo. The hatchery property was listed in the National Register of Historic Places on January 23, 2003, reference: #02001723. The Caretaker's House was renovated in the late 1990s, and is now known as "Ruby's House", as it is dedicated to the memory of Ruby, the famous painting elephant at the zoo. Ruby's House has now become a popular venue for weddings, receptions, and other special events.

In addition to the trails, the Phoenix Zoo has several other specialty attractions. Stingray Bay was opened in November 2006, and included more than 30 cownose rays and southern stingrays in a 15,000 gallon "touch tank." The "touch tank" lets visitors to touch the rays, whose barbs have been trimmed for safety. The exhibit is now permanent after installation of equipment to adjust water temperatures in the summer. Then in October of 2007, bamboo sharks were added to the exhibit.

An endangered species carousel is featured by the Leapin' Lagoon Splash Pad.

The Safari Train provides a nonstop guided tour of the zoo.

There are camel rides.

There is a giraffe encounter.

The Phoenix Zoo opened in 1962 and is the largest privately owned, non-profit zoo in the United States.

The Phoenix Zoo was founded by Robert Maytag, a member of the Maytag family. It began as a personal project of Robert Maytag, who formed the Arizona Zoological Society (now the Arizona Center for Nature Conservation) with the intention of opening a zoo in Phoenix; before this time, there were a few modest proposals to establish a zoo in the fast-growing city, but none moved past the discussion stage. Although Maytag died unexpectedly a few months before its opening, the zoo opened on schedule in November 1962. It was originally named the "Maytag Zoo", but was renamed the following year to "Phoenix Zoo" to identify it more closely with the community. The zoo was established on the site of a fish hatchery operation built as a Works Progress Administration project in the 1930s, and operated by the Arizona Game and Fish Department until 1959. The zoo has always been a privately owned, non-profit venture.

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Phoenix Zoo. Phoenix, Arizona.Phoenix Zoo. Phoenix, Arizona.

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