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Ancient Egypt.
Saqqara. Stairway To The Sky.

Memphis, Egypt.

George & Eve DeLange.

Google Map To Saqqara, Memphis, Egypt

Along with Giza, Saqqara is one of the two main necropolises of Memphis. Its monuments cover every period of Egyptian history from the Archaic Period to the Christian Era. The area has buriel places that range from non-royal pyramids to those of royality that cover the desert.

Saqqara is located near the point of the Nile Delta , on the west bank, where the river starts dividing into several different arms. Saqqaras first tombs, dating to the beginning of the 1st Dynasty, were built on the ridge of the desert plateau, west of the capital city of Memphis.

On a clear day, several monuments including Djoser's Step Pyramid, can be seen from the Giza Plateau, which is about 17 kilometres to the North.

Perhaps the oldest and best known pyramid is Djoser's Step Pyramid Of Saqqara. The Step Pyramid is only one of eight temples and pyramids that are in a large funeral complex that was built by Imhotep, the minister of Djoser, the 3rd Dynasty pharaoh, who founded the capital of Memphis. The Step Pyramid is the first to be built entirely of stone. It is also one of the oldest monuments in Egypt as it was built in about 2500 BC. It was built for the 3rd Dynasty Pharaoh, Djoser.

Other structures in the complex are: The Pyramid Of Unis, Jubilee Chapel, Pyramid Of Neferibres, Pyramid Of Userkaf, Tety's Pyramid, Pyramid Of Merikare, and The Valley Temple.

Several Bible experts think that the Step Pyramid and its complex may hold the grainery that grain was stored in by Pharaoh at the request of Joseph in preparation of the Seven Year Famine. Stele 81 located on the Island Of Siheyl, near Aswan, has definitely been identified as having been erected by Djoser and it is giving thanks to the gods for stopping a seven year famine by bringing a flood to the farm land near the Nile. There is one tomb at Saggara that may have been Joseph's prior to his embalmed body being returned to Israel.

The Cairo International Airport (IATA: CAI, ICAO: HECA) is the busiest airport in Egypt and is located to the north-east of the city around 15 km from the business area of the city.

Cairo International is the second busiest airport in Africa with over 65 airlines using the Cairo airport (including charter airlines) and 9 cargo airlines. With the assimilation of EgyptAir into Star Alliance in July 2008 the airport has the potential to be a major hub with its positioning between Africa, the Middle East and Europe. In 2008, the airport served 14,360,175 passengers and it is one of the top 100 airports in the world.

The airport handles both domestic and international flights, and is open 24 hours a day.

We suggest flying into Cairo and staying in one of their many fine hotels when touring Saqqara near to Cairo and the ruins in the surrounding areas.

After getting a flight and a hotel we suggest asking your hotel concierge to arrange either a car or a tour of Saqqara or the Cairo area. If you call their Concierge Services ahead of your arrival, all of this can be pre-arranged for you.

We do this all the time, when traveling in Egypt. It is safe and it works!!! We have never experienced a problem, doing it this way!

Therefore, we have placed links to on this page so you can arrange your flights into and out of Cairo; as well as your hotel, when visiting this area.

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Necropolis Of Memphis. From The Giza Plateau, Egypt.
Djoser's Step Pyramid Of Saqqara.
Viewed Toward West, NorthWest Of Tety Pyramid.
Djoser's Step Pyramid & Jubilee Court Of Saqqara.
Viewed Toward West, NorthWest Of Tety Pyramid.
The SouthEast Doorway Of The Colonnade.
Is The Only Entrance Into The Funeral Complex Of Djoser!
Saqqara Complex.Pyramid Of Tety
& Tomb Of Mernere.
About 3/4 Mile East
Of Step Pyramid.
Inside Burial Chamber
Of Aper-El.
The Vizier At
Pyramid Of Mernere.
Step Pyramid.
Viewed Toward West
NorthWest Of
Tety Pyramid.
Step Pyramid
& Jubilee Court.
Of Pharaoh Djoser,
Jubilee's (heb-seds)
Were Held During
The 30th Year
Of A Pharaohs' Reign!
The Step Pyramid
Was Built About
2500 BC By
The Architect Imhotep.
This Pyramid Is
Perhaps The First
Monumental Structure
On Earth Built
Entirely Of Stone!
Pyramid Of Urerkaf
Viewed From
Jubilee Court
Of Step Pyramid.
Cobra Wall Is
Series Of Nine
Cobras With
Dummy Doors Below.
Close Up Of Cobras.
The SouthEast Doorway
Of The Colonnade
Is The Only Entrance
Into The Funeral
Complex Of Djoser!
The Jubilee Chapels,
Most Pharaohs
Did Not Build
Permanent Jubilee Chapels.
Step Pyramid
Pyramid Of Userkaf.
Step Pyramid,
With Userkaf's
Pyramid On Right.
Photo Taken From
Pyramid Of Tety.
(One Is Maydum).
As Seen
East Of Giza.
Same Pyramids
In The Distance,
West Of The
Pyramid Of Tety.

Going Down Into
Tomb Of Aper-El.
The Entry Chamber.Hallway Into The
Sarcophagus Room.
Stars On The Ceiling.Hieroglyphic Writing
On The Walls.
Close Up Of
Hieroglyphic Writing.

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