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We have received thousands of e mails from travelors asking us where they can purchase travel merchandise and supplies. Due to the volume of these requests, we have made arrangements with to feature travel merchandise and supplies which we can personally recommend.

We know how frustrating it can be to buy something that doesn't work; so we have only listed items that we personally use.

We strongly suggest locking your baggage.

The new TSA-accepted Master Lock padlock 4687DNKL was designed with a security feature that allows TSA airport security agents to open the lock without destroying it. TSA agents are trained to recognize the Travel Sentry Certified logo and should not break the luggage lock. The red indicator pops up when the lock has been opened by TSA. You can reset the lock with your personal combination.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) now suggests you lock your checked baggage with TSA-accepted and recognized locks. Travel Sentry™ Certified locks are accepted and recognized by the TSA. Look for the Travel Sentry™ symbol when shopping for TSA-accepted products.

Master Lock has joined together with TSA and Travel Sentry™ to use the special Travel Sentry™ mark on luggage locks that meet the requirements of the TSA. Airline check-in staff are trained to recognize the Travel Sentry™ mark, so they understand that baggage with this special mark is permitted to remain locked. The TSA screeners have access to special tools that allow them to open TSA-accepted locks in the event that your bags must be opened for inspection.

Airport security professionals no longer need to cut your lock or force your bag open and risk damaging it. They simply open your locks, inspect, and relock your bags, sending them quickly and securely on their way.

The red-and-white Travel Sentry™ logo on Master Lock TSA-Accepted locks notifies TSA screeners that they can unlock, inspect, and relock the bag without damaging the lock.

** A red indicator pops up to indicate that TSA has opened the lock. No indicator means that TSA has not opened the lock.

Master Lock padlock 4687DNKL is what we use!

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