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Arizona Vegetable & Fruit Gardening
For The Arizona Desert Environment
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Arizona Deciduous Fruit Gardening.

George & Eve Delange

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A 'North Star Pie Cherry' Tree In Our Yarnell, Arizona Deciduous Fruit Gardening. Vegetable & Fruit Gardening For The Arizona Desert Environment. Pictures, Photos, Images, Descriptions,  Information, & Reviews.
A "North Star Pie Cherry" Tree In Our Yarnell, Arizona Deciduous Fruit Garden.
Note. We Do Not Have A Traditional Orchard.
We Have Planted Our Fruit Trees To Blend Into The Natural Environment.
The Tree Is Netted To Protect The Fruit From The Birds. Photo Taken June 26, 2011.

The above photo of a dwarf "North Star Pie Cherry" Tree; is planted in just one of our main natural rock raised beds for our fruit trees in Yarnell, Arizona at 4,864 feet elevation.

Last year, the birds ate all of the fruit; this year, we placed a net around the tree!

In addition to several fruit trees, we have a total of four raised bed vegetable gardens made of railroad ties and four raised bed vegetable gardens made of large stones.

Flowers are also planted in the vegetable gardens to complement the vegetable gardens. Some vegetables grow better with certain flowers planted nearby!

Several of the fruit trees were simply placed into the various natural rock areas that surround our property. Of course, the soil was modified in those areas to support the growth of the trees.

Some fruit trees were placed into our back yard in more of the conventional orchard style, but we have tried to arrange them so that they look as if they randomly grew in the areas.

All are irrigated by a managed drip system, on a timer that controls the amount of water the fruit trees receive.

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We Buy Our Hard To Find Fruit Trees For Yarnell Arizona At Nature Hills Nursery.
We Have Several Nice Fruit Trees Growing In Yarnell, Arizona.
They Will Do Well In Other Similar Elevations In Arizona. ie.. Prescott, Cottonwood, Camp Verde, Sedona.
Cameo & Fuji Apples! Yummm! Click The Nature Hills Nursery Link To View.


The deciduous fruit industry consists of farms and orchards that maintain and harvest a variety of fruits, specifically apples, apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches, pears, persimmons, plums, pomegranates, prunes, and quinces.

Grapes are deciduous and are also placed on this page.

There are several reasons to grow our own orchards. Such as; growing fruit is simply an enjoyable hobby, home grown fruits taste better, a home orchard saves food money, homegrown fruits are more nutritious, home orchards protect the environment, and home orchards can also be a fun learning activity for our children.

Many beginning home vegetable and fruit gardeners are unaware that in Arizona we have an excellent free resource called the Cooperative Extension, which is an outreach arm of The University of Arizona. We are providing a link to their website for your convience on this page.

Here is a link to the The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension. You will leave

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