George & Eve DeLange Family History and Friends.

The DeLange Family History And Friends Page

Family History, Family Events, Geneology, And Our Friends.

DeLange (George)
Coat Of Arms
Eve & George DeLange
Kelly's Mountain Lookout Point.
On Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island.
Douglas (Eve)
Coat Of Arms

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Alexandria Stewart
Washington High School Choir
2002_Dacquisto, Jordan and Diane's Family
2003_DeLange, Laurine and Noel's 65th Anniversary 2001_Multhauf, Russ and Norma's April Wedding
2003_DeLange, 1958 Glendale High School, 45 Years 2001_Pierce, Scott & Carol and Family, Carlsbad Caverns
2001_Geneology, DeLange Trip to Kansas City 2001_Geneology, Delange Coffeyville Kansas, Dalton Gang
2001_Geneology, DeLange and Koosharem Cemetery 2001_Geneology, Hawkins Farm, Harrisonville MO Area
2001_Geneology, Pitts Genealogy Pics Page 1 2001_Geneology, Pitts Genealogy Pics Page 2
Glendale High School Class Of 1958 Silver Pines In Yarnell Arizona 2009
1998_DeLange Summer Home in Yarnell, Arizona 1942_DeLange, Noel, Sr.'s USS Cabot; WW II
Eve DeLange 2001_Geneology, DeLange Family Old Time Pics

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