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We have always wanted to visit the Holy land; we had the chance to go. Here are some of our experiences, we hope you enjoy them.

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Judaism is foundational to the history and doctrine of Mormonism. Jews and Mormons both agree that keeping commandments is essential to their religion. Jews and Mormons both agree that Moses was a prophet. Jews and Mormons both diverge from a literal interpretation of the Tanach (Biblical commandments). But as they diverge: Jews and Mormons disagree about the specifics of what is commanded and how commandments are received. Mormons regularly receive commandments anew through personal revelation according to the authority, dominion, and worthiness of the individual. Jews inherit a scholarly tradition of commandments and eschew any contemporary revelation as presumptively false.

The Latter Day Saint movement teaches that its adherents are either direct descendants of the House of Israel or adopted into it. As such, Mormonism regards Jews as a covenant people of God, held in high esteem and respected in the Mormon faith system. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) refers to itself as philo-Semitic in its doctrine.

Studies have shown that Jews generally view Mormons more positively than any other religious group, despite often voting on opposite ends of the political spectrum. Explanations for Jews' high regard for Mormons is speculated to come both from their solidarity with other historically abused religious minorities and the philo-semitism of Mormon theology.

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Acre Jaffa
Al-Aqsa Mosque Jerusalem
Armageddon Jerusalem, Christian Quarter
Basilica Of The Annunciation, Nazareth Jerusalem City Model
Beitin Jerusalem, Jewish Quarter
Beit Guvrin Jerusalem, Week Of Atoning Sacrifice
Beit Guvrin-Maresha National Park Jesus Boat
Beit Sahour Jerusalem, Jewish Quarter
Beit Shturman Museum Jezreel Valley
Berekhat Ram Jordan Valley
Bet Alpha Synagogue Kaiser's Watch
Beth Alpha Synagogue Kasser Al Yahud, Jesus Baptismal Site
Bethany, The Biblical Village Katzrin Ancient Village & Synagogue
Bethel Kennedy Memorial, Jerusalem
Bethlehem, Church of the Nativity Kibbutz Bet Alpha
Bet She'an, Israel Kibbutz Ein Dor
Bet Shean To Jerusalem Kibbutz Ein Harod
Birket Ram Kibbutz Nof Ginosar
BYU Jerusalem Center. Kiryat Shmona
Caesarea Maritima (By The Sea) Kuneitra Border Crossing
Caesarea Philippi Last Supper Room, Jerusalem
Caiaphas, High Priest, Jerusalem Latrun, Trappist Monastery
Calvary, Jerusalem Lions Gate, Jerusalem
Capharnaum Ma'ayan Harod
Cave Of Machpelah Manger Square
Cave Of The Patriarchs Maresha
Cenacle On Mt. Zion, Jerusalem Marys Tomb
Christian Quarter, Jerusalem Masada
Church Of Beatitudes Monastery Of The Prophet Elijah
Church Of The Multiplication Moreh Hill
Church Of The Nativity, Bethlehem Mount Of Beatitudes
Church Of The Primacy Of Saint Peter, Tabgha Mount, Gerizim
Church Of Saint Anne, Jerusalem Mount Hermon
Church Of Saint Joseph's Carpentry, Nazareth Mount of Olives
Mount Tabor
City Of David, Jerusalem Mount Zion
Coenaculum, Jerusalem Muhraka
Damascus Gate, Jerusalem Nablus
Davids Tomb, Jerusalem Nativity, Church of the
Dead Sea, Israel Nazareth
Dome Of The Rock, Jerusalem Ophel Archaeological Gardens
Dothan Pool of Bethesda
Dung Gate Pool of Siloam
Ein Gedi, Red Sea Qasr el Yahud, Jesus Baptismal Site
El Muhraka Quneitra Border Crossing
Ein Dor Kibbutz Qumran, Dead Sea Scrolls
Galilee To Bet Shean Ram Lake
Galllicantu, Jerusalem Red Sea, - Ein Gedi
Garden Of Gethsemane Rephaim Valley
Garden Tomb Of Jesus Christ Jerusalem Ridge Route
Gethsemane, Garden Of Room of the Last Supper, Jerusalem
Gideon's Cave Samaria
Givet Hamoreh Sea Of Galilee
Golan Heights Sea Of Galilee Boat
Golgotha, Jerusalem Sebaste
Haifa Shechem
Hamat Tiberias Shephelah
Hamat Tverya National Park Shepherd's Fields
Har haBáyit Shiloh
Har Hermon Stations Of The Cross Or Via Dolorosa
Harod's Spring Tabgha
Har Tavor Tel Aviv To Galilee
Hula Valley Tel Aviv Or Tel Aviv-Yafo
Hezekiah's Tunnel, Jerusalem Tel Dan Archaeological Site
Hill Road Tel Dan Nature Preserve
Holocaust, Memorial, Jerusalem Tel Dothan
Holy Caves, Nazareth Tel Hazor
Holy Sepulchre, Church Temple Mount
Home Of Caiaphas,
High Priest, Jerusalem
Tomb Of The Garden
Jesus Christ, Jerusalem
Hula Valley
Upper Room, Jerusalem
Valley Of Rephaim
Stations Of The Cross
Or Via Dolorosa
Wailing Or Western Wall, Jerusalem
Yad Vashem Memorial, Jerusalem
Yardenit, Jesus Baptismal Site
Way Of The Patriarchs
Yitzhak Rabin Memorial
Zion Gate, Jerusalem

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